Company History



Our present status as the north west's premier road hauliers can be traced back to 1927, when Thomas Whalley and his son-in-law Sam Fagan bought a coal merchant's business in Burnley. Originally based in nearby Hapton, the business' first iteration saw Fagan & Whalley collect coal from the local railhead and distribute it around the village by horse and cart.

This early foray into small-scale Lancashire logistics proved massively successful and the company soon expanded into haulage, serving the area's textile industry and a local chemical works. East Lancashire was at that point the world's leading producer of woven cotton cloth, and the company was involved in carrying spun yarn from Manchester to the area's weaving mills, and taking the finished cloth back to the city's warehouses and wholesalers.

A new age of road haulage

Like many things, Fagan and Whalley's role was changed forever by the Second World War. Employed by the Ministries of Defence and Supply, we played a vital role in transporting shell cases from the Hapton railhead to a local munitions store for the Ministries of Defence and Supply. By the time the Armistice was signed in 1945, the Fagan & Whalley fleet was 15 vehicles strong - testament to the success of our work ethic and commitment to doing a great job, whatever the circumstances.

In the post-war years, we worked closely with the Ministry of Supply in delivering units for prefab houses as well as serving the booming Lancashire textile industry. When the cloth trade started to decline in the 1970s, we shifted our focus to other sectors including light engineering. By 1980, three-quarters of our work lay outside the textile industry.

In the 1990s, we became heavily involved in road haulage for the motor industry, developing our network of industry contacts ever further and expanding our fleet to its current size of over 120 vehicles. Since then, Fagan & Whalley has become a recognised name in road haulage and logistics not just in our native Lancashire, but across the UK and into Europe. Our combination of experience, resources and organisational excellence is the key to our success; coupled with a passion for customer service, this unique mix is instrumental in driving our business forward.