A Visit to Albion House – The Home of the Fagan & Whalley Headquarters!

In this four-part series, readers are given a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Fagan & Whalley operation. First stop – Albion House!

One of four UK depots in the Fagan & Whalley network, Albion House is the home of F&W Head Office. As a standalone office block close to our Padiham Depot (a.k.a. Site One), Albion House acts as our main business hub. Housing all non-operational departments from IT and HR through to Compliance and Customer Service, it is the point from which the mechanics behind our operation radiate out. Our in-house training department, F&W Professional Training, has made its home on the ground floor, with all classroom based training taking place here.


Fagan & Whalley Head Office Vehicles

The Exterior of F&W Head Office, Albion House.


As an ex-call centre spanning over 18,000 sq. ft., Albion House was acquired in response to a period of expansion in the business, during which we had outgrown our original office space. Affording the team additional office and communal spaces where teams can get together and discuss internal affairs or host meetings with our clients and partners, Albion House came as part of the company’s natural progression at a time when it was important that we expand our operational and training facilities.

“Albion House is where the customer’s journey with Fagan & Whalley begins and ends,” explains General Manager, Sam Fagan. “It’s where their initial enquiry will be dealt with, and their order taken; it’s also where all orders are processed as they travel through the various stages in our network and, when completed, signed off.”

Forming part of the 90th anniversary celebrations, Albion House was officially integrated into the Fagan & Whalley network with an open day, which saw customers and suppliers welcomed to the site for an exclusive peek at the new site.

“We decided to modify the whole entranceway when we moved in, and open it up into this double-height space,” says Sam. “It just made it so much more welcoming, with all the natural light filling the space, and the statement yellow staircase. We also had to work some magic so that we could get Albert moved in!”.


Albert, the bonny 1952 Albion Chieftain

Albert, the bonny 1952 Albion Chieftain, greeter of guests at F&W HQ.


Fagan & Whalley History Table

The F&W “History Table” – a table in our boardroom which displays a timeline of key events in the F&W story so far.