Fagan & Whalley Burnley Bridge Depot

A Visit to Burnley Bridge Depot – Our Purpose-Built Warehouse

In this four-part series, readers are given a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Fagan & Whalley operation. The third stop in our trip takes us to our Burnley Bridge Depot, the home of our warehousing facility.

Spanning 92,000 sq.ft and with a height of 17m, Burnley Bridge was incorporated into the Fagan & Whalley operation back in September 2017, when our warehouse facilities at Site Two had reached capacity and we set out to develop and expand the warehousing services offered to our customers. 

After a detailed design and build development the keys were finally received in May 2017, followed by a 5 month fit-out project including high-bay pallet racking and wire guided semi-automated VNA trucks, ready for the site’s opening, featured as part of our 90th anniversary celebrations. 


Fagan & Whalley Burnley Bridge Depot


“The decision to take on the site at Burnley Bridge was absolutely vital for us to make,” explains General Manager, Sam Fagan. “It came at a time when we had reached a real turning point as a business. Seeing demand for warehousing space increase amongst our clients, our development at Burnley Bridge made it possible for us to further develop the comprehensive storage and distribution package on offer, whilst also allowing us to expand our “added value” services.


Fagan & Whalley Warehouse


“Our Burnley Bridge warehouse has a capacity of 15,000 racked pallets, is fully BRC and BSI certified, and even has the Soil Association stamp of approval for the storage of organic goods, allowing us to provide storage, transport and distribution services to those in the food and drinks industry.” 

Looking for storage space? For more information about our warehousing, transport or distribution services, please contact our HQ on 01282 771983 and a member of our team will be happy to help you with your enquiry.