Fagan & Whalley Site One Operations

A Visit to Site One – Our Main Hub of Operations!

In this four-part series, readers are given a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Fagan & Whalley operation. Our second stop – Site One!

One of four UK depots in the Fagan & Whalley network, Site One has been a key site for the company since it was acquired and built back in 2001, when we moved from the original depot in Hapton.


Fagan & Whalley Site One Head Office


Formerly serving as our Head Office, Site One has been considered as the main site of Fagan & Whalley for the past 20 years, and up until  2006, it was the only operational site in our network.

“When company expansion led to the purchase of Albion House in 2016,  all non-operational staff moved to occupy the new premises, and Site One was refurbished to give staff greater welfare facilities, as well as upgraded facilities for drivers and vehicles,” says Head of Operations, Daniel Wood. “The refurbishment involved works carried out internally and externally, with a large canteen and driver rest area fitted, new drive-through wash facilities as well as enhanced Health and Safety measures.

Now operating as the main transport and distribution hub, Site One hosts the transport planning teams and also incorporates the primary Fagan & Whalley vehicle maintenance facility.


Fagan & Whalley Transport and Distribution Hub

Site One now operates as the main transport and distribution hub.


“Site One is where our cross-dock operation runs from, so it’s active 24/7. It’s usually especially busy between 4pm – 7pm, when the vehicles are returning, and the freight is being consolidated.

“As the main consolidation centre in our network, Site One will receive pallets from customers based all over the UK. All goods will be incorporated into our cross-dock facility and overseen by our transport planners, before being consolidated and  loaded on the appropriate vehicles.


Fagan & Whalley Site One Operations


“The cross-dock operation at Site One is what enables us to offer the flexibility of smaller, part-load consignments for our customers.”

Looking to work with a dedicated team of logistics specialists? Contact our offices to find out more about the transport and distribution services we offer for palletised and non-palletised freight!