Fagan and Whalley are committed to environmental improvement and sustainability across all areas of the business, from basic recycling through to the purchasing of efficient modern vehicles. The way we use our fleet plays a major role in our environmental policy. We foster an environment where deliveries and collections are planned using our resources to their full potential, minimising empty running to make sure that when the wheels are turning, they are turning for a purpose. Our Transport Management System vehicle tracking and telematics systems help aid our staff in the daily planning of work, as well as helping them to make quick decisions when that plan needs to change. By running our operation efficiently, we reduce our environmental impact as well as providing an excellent service to our clients. Routine servicing enables us to run our vehicles in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner possible, throughout their working life.

The presence of an on-site maintenance depot means that we save time, money and resources on transporting our fleet for repairs. When the time comes to replace a vehicle, we invest heavily to ensure that the vehicles we purchase have the most modern engines, not only to meet emission standards but also to help reduce fuel usage – one of the biggest factors in our business. We know that even the smallest change in working practices can make a big difference in the long run, so our team is always looking out for new ways to minimise our environmental impact and improve our service. From the use of double-deck trailers which allow us to carry more freight on one vehicle, through to the cleaning of our vehicles using our truck wash that recycles water, we work actively to make the entire Fagan and Whalley operation as environmentally friendly as possible.

We take immense pride in running a highly organised and efficient operation that is manned with the customer in mind.