Unfortunately, all recruitment is on hold until further notice.

Burnley Bridge One Year On

14 months ago, we celebrated our 90th Anniversary with the Family Fun Day at the newly-opened Depot at Burnley Bridge, not knowing how successful the new site would be. The eight Site Two staff had transferred themselves along with all stock and we were open for business. A year on, the team has smashed all expectations. There are now 18 full-time staff working a two-shift rota, servicing the stock-holding of 20 customers. The 10,000 racking spaces are currently 92% full and we are planning the next phase of development with an additional 5,000 spaces to meet future demand.

To keep up with customer requirements, we are implementing a new Warehouse Management System that is currently in the testing phase. Flexibility remains a focus point, meaning we can turn services on and off, driven by customer demand. A co-packing process in operation this summer saw 50,000 energy supplement packs created and distributed for a single customer. So what is in store for year two? At the present rate of progress, the next 12 months will be very busy.