COVID-19 – An update on our operations

After the announcement was made about a nationwide lockdown being implemented in an attempt to curb the spread of Coronavirus, businesses in every sector across the UK were forced to act swiftly. Following the news, at Fagan & Whalley we saw volumes almost halve within a 48-hour period between 23rd – 25th March, with many of our customers temporarily putting their businesses into hibernation as the message to stay at home spread across the UK.

As a supplier to key industries, we felt compelled to keep our operations open to serve those customers that needed us. Whilst utilising the Government’s Job Retention Scheme for about a third of our workforce, we were able to keep the remainder of the business operating.

Whilst unfortunately the retail and hospitality industries are still feeling the impact of the lockdown, we’re pleased to see other sectors, such as construction, back up and running once more. During this difficult period, we’ve seen a large increase in home deliveries through the Palletforce Network, meaning we have been adapting our working practices to ensure we continue to deliver in the safest way possible.

At Fagan & Whalley, we are committed to our staff and customers, and as such have been adapting our practices in line with the constantly changing regulations in order to ensure our services have not been drastically impacted and have continued to operate ‘as normal’. Throughout the pandemic, we have maintained a close eye on regular news updates and allowed the data related to COVID-19 to inform the day-to-day running of our fleet, managing vehicles and staffing levels accordingly to ensure our customers and our services have not been affected, and to protect our staff in terms of both job security and safety.

In terms of our operations, we’re incredibly grateful to our amazing team of staff, without whom it would not have been possible to keep things moving over the past few months. Teams across all departments have pulled together and adapted the way that they work in order to ensure our customers are never disappointed. Moving forward, safety measures will still be in place around the office and on site, with several staff continuing to work from home until restrictions are lifted further, in order to protect our employees and help to prevent the spread of the virus. As businesses begin to reopen up and down the country, we’re looking forward to seeing things gradually return to normal and to helping our customers get back on track.