Few working at F&W will have more tales to tell than David, who in August this year marked 30 years of loyal service to F&W. Joining us from an apprenticeship at Pendle Council, David fulfilled a lifelong ambition of becoming a HGV driver. From humble beginnings driving a Bedford TK 7.5-ton flatbed, transporting textiles and car parts around the country (yes nights out with no sleeper cab!) he progressed to a Leyland Freighter before piloting the very unusual 6×2 rear lift 26ton Scania 93m rigid N376 GHG. David was often away all week on multi drop runs with upward of 40 drops around areas such as Cornwall or Scotland, long before the days of pallet networks. A frequent prize winner at truck shows, David has always been proud to fly the F&W flag. Following the sale of N376 David progressed to his Class 1 licence. He then did a stint in the traffic office but the draw of the road was too great and David then began to pilot the affectionately titled “Tango 1” on local PalletForce operations, the recently retired MX53 PFE. With David’s 30 years approaching, it was decided to reward him for his service with something “different” and PO66 UTU, a very rare G cab day cab tag axle tractor unit hit the road. Soon to be named “Joan Margaret” after David’s Mum, the truck has again been given the David treatment and is a frequent visitor at truck shows up and down the country. Indeed for such a hard working truck, in daily use, it’s been a great achievement for David to come away with three “Highly Commended” awards from the four Truckfest shows David has attended this year.

“When I look back at F&W over the years,” says Stephen Fagan, “David has actually been around here for a whole third of our history. That is some achievement and it is almost as long as Graham and myself! Over that time, we have grown to know David very well and his progress from being a complete novice to now being one of our most valued colleagues has been a pleasure to see. The one thing that has never wavered is David’s passion for all things transport; it wouldn’t be everyone’s choice to make their hobby their job but in David’s case, what excellent results have come out of this combination. A big Thank You goes out to David for his service over the years.”

Well done David…now the challenge is can you manage another 30 years?