Direct Vision Standard: How will the new guidelines change things in the haulage industry?

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is the first legislation of its kind in the UK, and it’s set to bring about some big changes. Due to come into effect from 26th October this year, the DVS will require all vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes to have a permit for travel within Greater London. This applies to all UK Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), as well as to those from overseas.

The DVS seeks to provide a safety rating for all HGVs based on the driver’s range of visibility when in the cab. Operating as a star-based system, fleets which fail to achieve the minimum star rating will be required to make significant investments into additional safety systems for each vehicle. The installation of these additional devices, providing indirect vision (similar to FORS and CLOCS), will not affect the vehicle’s star rating, but having them installed will permit HGV drivers to travel into Greater London.

From October, the minimum star requirement will be set at one star, but this will increase to three stars by 2024, which will introduce significant new vehicle designs and safety systems into transport operations.


How will this impact our operations?

As a result of the new DVS legislation, every vehicle in the Fagan & Whalley fleet is now in the process of being reviewed in accordance with the guidelines that have been set out. After evaluating the current standard of safety for each vehicle with respect to the DVS, we are predicting that significant investments will need to be made in order to provide improved safety for our drivers and other road users. However, whilst developing our fleet, we are confident that our services will remain uninterrupted.


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