Fagan & Whalley Welcomes New Customers, NATRL Ltd

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Helping NATRL with their quest to bring about the New Age in alcohol (following the Ginaissance, which has well and truly dominated the drinks market worldwide for the past couple of years), we’re excited to be working alongside this recent start-up, providing warehousing and distribution services to see these innovative beverages served up nationwide.

Inspired by their trip to Canada and an emerging overseas trend, this small team of entrepreneurs are stirring things up in the UK alcohol industry with their ‘refreshingly positive’ hard seltzers. Appealing to the health conscious amongst us, NATRL provides a refreshing, low-calorie alternative within the alcoholic beverage market, which enables customers to enjoy a cheeky tipple made with all-natural flavourings and zero additives or preservatives.

The team at NATRL approached Fagan & Whalley whilst on the hunt for a distribution company which could help with fulfilling consumer interest and demand across the UK, and we delivered.

“NATRL is proud to be an independent, British brand,” says Director Jamie Graham, “so it was really important for us to choose a logistics partner that shared similar values and had a strong British heritage. As we anticipate rapid growth within the market, we wanted to ensure we had access to a distribution company with a large distribution network and warehousing capacity which would allow flexibility to scale very quickly when required. Fagan & Whalley’s strong heritage, reputation, and BRC accredited warehousing facilities are a perfect match for our requirements.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of support the team at Fagan & Whalley have provided to help make NATRL a success. Every individual I have dealt with in incorporating NATRL into the Fagan & Whalley infrastructure has been extremely professional and, very importantly, passionate about the job they are doing. All of us at NATRL are very proud to be working with the Fagan & Whalley team, and we can’t wait to see our partnership grow in the years to come.”

“We’re very excited to have NATRL on board,” says Sam Fagan, General Manager at Fagan & Whalley. “This is a fairly new product in the UK market, and we’re all interested to see how the company’s reach develops and expands over the coming months. NATRL have a product which could be the next big thing, and we’re all intrigued to see just how big it will be!”

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