Fagan & Whalley New Liveried Trailers for Supply Chain & Logistics Giants, CHEP

New Liveried Trailers for Supply Chain & Logistics Suppliers, CHEP

Established in 1975, CHEP have grown to become a well-known company within the logistics industry, providing practical, effective, and efficient solutions for thousands of automotive and industrial supply chains globally.

We are proud to work as part of the CHEP UK network – something which we have been involved with for the past seven years – and are excited to now be incorporating five new liveried trailers into our fleet as our professional partnership continues to develop.


How it works…

With priorities placed on providing cost-effective logistics solutions which reduce environmental impact and make a supply chain more efficient, CHEP have developed an innovative sharing model which reduces waste and allows all parties to benefit.

CHEP can be found at the heart of many supply chains across the world. With over 330 million pallets, containers, and reusable plastic containers, they provide these vital components for goods transportation, which can be rented and reused to streamline the process, cut costs, and keep suppliers, producers and manufacturers connected and operating at optimal level.

The CHEP sharing model is wonderfully simple, and sees their trademark blue containers move through three key stages. At Fagan & Whalley, we help to make that movement happen and keep the cycle rotating at the right pace, providing a reliable and comprehensive logistics service which allows for warehousing and just-in-time collection and delivery for consignments of all sizes.

“Our collaboration with Fagan & Whalley in our Automotive sector has evolved significantly over the last seven years. Supporting CHEP not only with exemplary transport solutions, but also with out-storage, and now marketing via trailer livery, demonstrates Fagan & Whalley’s true passion and commitment to customer satisfaction.” – CHEP

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