We are BRC Accredited!

Fagan & Whalley are pleased to have retained their BRC Storage and Distribution accreditation!

Following a recent audit, an assessor from UK Food Cert found that our storage and distribution facilities continue to meet BRC standards. With only two minor non-conformances recorded, we were recently awarded the highest possible grade afforded by the certification: AA.

Achieving this accreditation means that our services have met the strict requirements set for the storage and distribution of food and food-related packaging within the industry, guaranteeing compliance with food safety and hygiene standards for our customers.


What is BRC accreditation?

 The British Retail Consortium sets the international standards against which the systems of all suppliers are measured. Used by over 26,000 suppliers in 130 countries, these standards, and the accreditations which are awarded under them, provide proof of an organisation’s ability to meet regulatory requirements for the safe storage and distribution of food products, providing protection for the end consumer.


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